Saronic Gulf

Saronic islands lie off between Saronic and Argolic Gulf, southwest from Attic Peninsula and northeast of Peloponnese. This group of islands includes some of the best destinations to get off the beaten path in Greece and it is perfect for guests looking for an authentic Greek island sailing experience. The Saronic is renowned for its lush landscape, remarkable neoclassical architecture, excellent restaurants and vivid nightlife while exploring archaeological sites, hiking ancient paths and having donkey rides are some of the best thing to do.
Sailing consists of generally calm seas, short sail times and longer swim stops between islands and thus Saronic is considered to be one of the most convenient sea area for constant reefing of sails and pleasant trips.

Starting /Finishing Point: Athens (Marina Kalamaki)

Possible Visiting Places/Islands: Aegina, Agia Marina, Mpitsi, Spetses, Porto Heli, Nafplio, Methana, Poros, Hydra, Spetses, Epidaurus

Being a naturalist, lover of antiquity or just passionate traveler Saronic Gulf is a place to indulge all your desires. Epidavros, Methana, Aegina, Poros, Ydra combine harmoniously the beauty of ancient ruins, nature and blue-waters. Take a walk in the cobbled streets, hike the woodcutters and bike next-to-the sea paths. Local open-air market, horseback riding, donkey riding and scuba diving are available in most of the islands. For meditation visit one of the hot ponds in Aegina or Methana or visit a gallery in Ydra and Spetses. Feel energetic? Get a scuba diving lesson, a tour in the city or enjoy some water-sports. By the end of the day take a tour in the windmill and enjoy the local cuisine. Don’t forget to taste homemade ice-cream while riding a traditionl wagon in Aegina.