Sporades Islands

Sporades is a group of islands located alongside the east coast of Greece, northeast of Euboea island in the Aegean Sea. They consist of 24 islands, but only four of them are permanently inhabited: Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonissos and – a bit distant from the the group – Skyros. In “cruising terms” though, both inhabited and uninhabited islands are combined in unique routes. Sporades probably is the only island region in Greece where a single sailing trip can include visits to almost all main inland or beachfront destinations, short distance passages and daily alternation of overnight stays either in vivid places or in isolated paradises.

Unspoilt nature, delightful beaches with irresistibly blue waters, diverse villages in each island and a cuisine made of local products define an authentic Greek destination.

Due to their location, physical structure and arrangement in the Aegean Sea, sailing in Sporades Islands is perfect for laid back travelers as well as more demanding sailors.

Starting /Finishing Point: Volos (Platanias)

Possible Visiting Places/Islands: Skiathos, Loutraki, Tzortzi, Skopelos, Lalaria Beach, Alonnisos, Panormos, Kyra Panagia, Planitis bay

Feel part of the movie “Mamma Mia” by discovering Skopelos and forsake the time for a moment. Swim under the cliffs and rock-arches of the islands or enjoy the “laced” shores of the deep blue. There is a famous Greek scuba diving centre in Skiathos for the seabed lovers. Alonnisos offers a variety of nature treasures in the national marine park where visitors can witness seals, dolphins, sea-turtles and caves. Alongside, Skopelos is covered by forest where there are paths to be discovered.

Greek cuisine is unlimited so even Sporades have to add value on it. Starting with the Skopelos’ cheese pie and honey-cheese the islands spread through a mouthful of taste leading to the famous patisseries of Skyros that will present the best of delicacies.