Starting /Finishing Point: Kavala

Possible Visiting Places/Islands: Kinira Beach, Limenas Port, Porto Vathy, Paradise Beach, Aliki, Saliara Beach, Samothraki, Lemnos

Thasos is the northernmost Greek Island. The short distance from the mainland gave Thasos a rich history, stretching deep into ancient times. The landscape features beautiful mountains with traditional architecture villages and a coastline with countless amazing beaches.

There is a variety of attractions from coast to inland that makes Thasos a destination in which visitors return year after year. This island gives the daily opportunity to make excursions to the stunning fertile nature or historic sites, feel the golden sand where the crystal sea splashes and try some of the best Greek cuisine.

Thasos is perfect for easy going sailing all around the island. There are many swim stops and bays for mooring at night. A combination route can include Samothrace or Lemnos with a departing point from the northern or southern side of the island, respectively.

Compilation of blue sea, pine green trees, golden sand beaches and yellow fields are the choices in the island of “Sirens”. You can enjoy the ecstatic natural beauty and the wonderful hospitality at the same time. This emerald “shelter” offers variety of diverse blue, sandy, rocky, marble and green beaches plus an extreme natural treasure to be discovered in the cliffs. Visiting ancient ruins of the archeological theater, the old palace in the main town, the cobbled-paths of Panayia and the natural sea-lagoon Giola will complete the visitor’s expectancy of a full trip.

You must taste the variety of local products (olives, olive-oil, honey and spoon-sweets) and meals such as stuffed-fish, stuffed-peppers, sundried octopus, octopus-balls, spetsofai and meat in the stone-oven.

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