How does a day looks like on a yacht?

Starting the Day
Starting a sunny day on the port’s dock or gulf gives the time of having a combination of sun-bath and a morning swim, with the opportunity for morning exercise on the yacht or the island. Such exercises could be jogging, yoga, stretch-out, swimming, ab-exercises, keep-up with sailing lessons, or just chill on the deck.
Breakfast Time
Enjoying a variety a Mediterranean-Greek breakfast or just an Intercontinental breakfast next to the blue-green waters of the Greek Isles.
Setting on the next direction. Sail-on for the next beach to have the second swim of the day. Reaching another port or island will be the main goal for the whole day to spend the night there. There are plenty of activities while sailing, such as reading a book, playing sea-games, learning sailing techniques from the skippers, taking pictures of the beauties of the Greek waters and islands, swimming in the deep waters or just take life easy.
Lunch Time
After a while the hostess will start preparing lunch meal for the members of the sailing crew. The daily menu will be preconcert during the booking arrangement. The hostess will try to provide the best out of tasting the real Greek goodies and the Greek cuisine.
Afternoon Time
Having the sun light for many hours is the best thing during holidays. Arriving afternoon time on the port/beach for mooring there is much time for discovering island’s beauties, swimming or even “wind down” on the yacht. The skipper and the hostess are always ready to provide guidance for private gulfs, sight-seeing, activities available, mainstream or inconspicuous bars, restaurants and cafes on each island.
Ending The Day
If not dinning on the island, there is a choice of small snack on the yacht. Snacks and beverages will be available, upon request, on the yacht for settle the day as there is something new waiting to be explored the following day!